Alligator Festival sponsorship works on a variety of levels!


It goes without saying that, by sponsoring the Alligator Festival, businesses are supporting one of the area’s best community fund-raising efforts. Tens of thousands of dollars are raised each year by approximately 20 different local, non-profit groups. This alone is a great reason to support the event, but there are still a few more:


  • Create and Maintain Top-of-Mind Awareness

    Alligator Festival sponsorship is part of an opportunity to infuse your company into the everyday life of your consumer. Become a partner…someone aiding them in the enjoyment of their community and raising your visibility considerably, creating more top-of-mind awareness.

  • Win the Customer Loyalty Battle

    Alligator Festival sponsorship can provide your product or service an entry into not only the minds of your target customers but into their hearts as well. The public’s loyalty is a hard-won commodity. Associating your company with lifestyle activities that mean something to your core demographic is a major weapon in the battle.

  • Create a Dialogue with Consumers

    Alligator Festival sponsorship will bring you on-site to interact with your target demographic providing you an even clearer picture of their needs and perceptions.

Please support our sponsors. Without them we couldn’t put on such a wonderful festival.



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Please support our sponsors. Without them we couldn't put on such a wonderful festival.